Changing people’s lives one step at a time.
— Arthur Murray of New Mexico Motto

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the community with an exceptional dance experience within a supportive and judgement-free environment. We want to share how dancing can lead to improved health, create stronger relationships between loved ones, and inspire passion and extraordinary joy within anyone’s heart.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio of New Mexico in Albuquerque specializes in dance lessons and classes of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner dancer hoping to take social dance classes or a seasoned dancer seeking to improve your technique, we have the right dance program for you. Through our Medalist System of learning we make dancing fun, quick and easy to learn. Our mixture of private dance lessons, group dance classes, and practice dance parties are sure to get you up and on the dance floor in no time!


“I love this studio; going to a class or a private lesson always brightens my day!”

“The other students are kind, engaging and fun. The teachers are excellent. The whole atmosphere is supportive, and it’s exciting to learn new things each time. I have been to other dance studios, but Arthur Murray is my favorite because they have an amazing system for teaching dance. I sometimes feel like a dunce when I am taking a class elsewhere because it always feels like there is an expectation that I should know more than I do or should be more coordinated or whatever. But at Arthur Murray, their system is presented as building blocks with one set of skills relating to all the dances and building one step at a time until I can do it. It’s very empowering! Dance has been an amazing outlet for me to grow as a person, make new friends and just have fun. Thank you Arthur Murray for all the amazing instructors and coaches, ever- changing decor and themes, and being my happy place.”

-Janis Allen, current student

Our History

Arthur and Kathryn Murray

Arthur and Kathryn Murray

The history of the Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios began in 1912 with a man named Arthur Murray, an American symbol of entrepreneurial success and social dancing. Murray was among the first to use advertising techniques considered cutting edge at the time. His concept of selling dance lessons by mail, one step at a time, took the use of direct mail to a new level.

Murray's creative use of print advertising attracted national attention, as did his business acumen. In March of 1920, using students from Georgia Tech, Murray arranged to have music transmitted to a group of his dance students a few miles away. This was the world's first radio broadcast of live music for dancing.

Prior to World War II, Arthur Murray teachers were a regular part of every first-class steamship cruise. During the Thirties, the studios introduced such dances to the public as the "Lambeth Walk" and "The Big Apple." In fact it was "The Big Apple" that launched Mr. Murray's one studio into the largest chain of dance schools.


In 1942, singer Betty Hutton with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra recorded the big hit song "Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry" for the movie "The Fleet's In" and by 1946 there were 72 Arthur Murray Dance Studios across America.

Arthur Murray was the first to realize the growing popularity of the Latin dances in America during the 1950's. Many conventions were held in Cuba during that time to give Arthur Murray dance trainers first-hand knowledge of the hot new Latin styles and moves that were in vogue and becoming popular.

Arthur Murray and his wife Kathryn standing outside of their dance studio.

Arthur Murray and his wife Kathryn standing outside of their dance studio.

In July 1950, Mr. Murray purchased five fifteen minute television spots on CBS and persuaded his wife Kathryn to do the teaching. Before the third show, Arthur bought a half-hour summer series on ABC. The show was called the "Arthur Murray Dance Party." By May 1952, the Murrays had televised almost 100 programs. Their TV ratings climbed and in the summer of 1952 they signed with their first sponsor, General Foods. Millions of viewers all over the United States fell in love with the show and flocked to the Arthur Murray Studios throughout the country. This highly popular show ran for twelve years on national television.

In 2006, Arthur Murray International celebrated the induction of Arthur and Kathryn Murray into the Hall of Fame at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs, New York.


Our Staff

Our dance instructors are carefully selected and thoroughly trained in the exclusive Arthur Murray teaching method. This assures you the finest instruction in dancing. You will have a specialist dance instructor who will be responsible for your progress. Periodically, he/she will schedule lessons for you with other dance instructors. These exchanges will give you experience and practice in adapting to a variety of dance partners and dance styles.


Bob and Cindy Long

Bob and Cindy Long are the current franchisees of Arthur Murray New Mexico, which has been in business since 1952. They are both former North American ballroom champions. Cindy is a 4 time U.S. Standard (Ballroom) champion and has been voted the Best Dance Teacher in America on six separate occasions. Bob is also a former U.S. Smooth Finalist. They both hold the title of “Dual Doctorate,” which is a prestigious distinction indicating superior and comprehensive dance knowledge and instructional skill, awarded to them by Arthur Murray International. As traveling consultants for Arthur Murray, they are highly sought after coaches, and frequently visit Arthur Murray studios all over the US to coach both staff and students. Additionally, they regularly serve as judges at ballroom competitions across the globe.

Bob is Chairman of the Arthur Murray National Dance Board. Together, Bob and Cindy are co-authors of the current Medalist Teaching Curriculum, which is the foundational core for teaching all levels and styles of dancing at Arthur Murray studios worldwide. Bob and Cindy have trained all of our current instructors, and they are both well respected and loved. We are lucky to have these two amazing ballroom legends as our franchisees!

Click here to learn more about Bob Long.

Bentura Madrid

Bentura began dancing 13 years ago after joining a salsa aerobics class. He quickly became interested in social dancing as a means to decrease his social anxiety, and it worked! Having found personal success with dance to improve his life, he became interested in helping others through ballroom dancing. Bentura visited Arthur Murray of New Mexico and has been working for the studio ever since. He has recently achieved his Gold Masters Teaching Certification with Arthur Murray and is an active ballroom competitor. He is inspired every day by his students, and his favorite part of being a dance instructor at Arthur Murray is meeting new people and making all the students laugh.




Cory has been dancing for 11 years and joined Arthur Murray’s staff 5 years ago. After graduating college, she began dancing as a social outlet. She quickly became hooked; she says, “Dancing makes me feel good, physically and emotionally!” Cory believes that dancing is fun, entertaining, and a positive way to meet new people. She is also an active ballroom dance competitor who partners with Bentura for competitions. Her favorite dance is Argentine Tango and her favorite aspect of teaching dance is seeing her students grow.

Sebastian Beuchelt

Sebastian Beuchelt is a specialist instructor at Arthur Murray of New Mexico and mainly instructs Newcomers and Bronze students. Sebastian became interested in ballroom dancing when his mother persuaded him to take dance lessons with her. Dance quickly became an eagerly anticipated and exciting weekly activity, For him, the dance studio is a place where he can unwind, have fun, and socialize. His favorite aspect of Arthur Murray Dance Studios is their welcoming community atmosphere. As a social butterfly, Sebastian enjoys getting to know new people and sharing his love of ballroom dancing with his students. He believes dance can lift the spirit in addition to being a good source of exercise. Sebastian has been teaching ballroom since 2017 and claims that dance is a good counterbalance to the monotony of everyday life.



Michiko Sibley

Michiko Sibley was born in Japan and came to the USA in 1999 to audition for a dance instructor position with Arthur Murray Dance Studios. In 2002, she placed fourth at the Future Champions Ballroom Dance Competition. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t a dancer; even as a child when she heard music she couldn’t help but dance. Later in life, she became more interested in dance because of her love of music and the athletics involved. Today, Michiko is a Specialist Instructor at Arthur Murray of New Mexico and teaches all levels, from newcomers to gold. Her favorite aspects of teaching dance are nurturing her students, passing on her knowledge and love of dance, and watching her students enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Teaching dance brings great joy to Michiko’s life and she suspects she may never stop dancing or teaching.